Welcome to Montreal's Gay village

In the Village, we believe

 In her, in him, in children, in youth, in wisdom.

We believe that differences should enrich instead of divide.

We believe in freedom, the real one, the one that must sometimes be obtained through the debate of ideas.

We believe that freedom is what renews and allows people to grow.
We want to be one of its mosaics.
We believe in day and night.

We believe in artists, creators, and innovators.
We believe the flow of trends flourishes the Village, deeply rooted in values that transcend time!

We believe in a vibrant space where red is life, orange is human king coming together, yellow is the Sun, green is nature, blue is art, purple is spirituality! Still more importantly, we believe in a place that radiates all colors of life.

We believe that men and women will be in the middle of a unique experience when they come to the Village.
We believe in the senses, everything that stimulates them and links them to LIFE!

We believe in the heart and its rhythm, we believe in music!

We believe in people who live and animate the Village.
We believe that the Village must become THE gay destination of the planet.
We want to become the global Village!

We also believe that at the moment of this declaration every participant in the Village will begin a profound transformation in order to attain this objective.

Come and experience the Village, where you can express yourself freely.
This is how it was born, how it lives, how it will be!

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